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Corporate Communications Management – Newsflow Solution

As a consequence of the frequently complex structure of large enterprises their corporate communications departments are faced with fragmented corporate communication activities across the organization. Often the communication activities are unaligned and in many cases impact is not measured.

The Newsflow Solution supports the communicator’s day-to-day work, as well as corporate communication best practices and management overview. It enables the planning of campaigns, events and stories on a divisional, functional and country level, while automatically creating a holistic view of the communication activities of the whole organization. Reporting allows the analysis of alignment with strategic and business objectives.

A powerful measurement module enables the impact analysis of communication and covers reach, rating and commenting.

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Knowledge Management

We offer a range of custom tailored solution building for typical business problems in the legal and corporate communications area of large international enterprises and other organizations. The solutions close the gaps of typical system landscapes of law and corporate communications departements.

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